The Trust

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The Rattansi Educational Trust, a charitable family Trust, has helped many Kenyans achieve their higher education dreams.

Rental income from the Rattansi Educational Trust Building, funds the education of needy students. This family Building has been the only source of income for the Trust for over 50 years. Recently, the Trust established the Dr. Hassanally Rattansi Endowment Fund, in memory of Dr. Hassanally.


  • The Trust envisions a Kenya with diminished poverty levels
  • Greater number of educated Kenyans from needy families
  • Creating higher standards of living resulting from providing education for the needy in our society


To provide education for the needy in the society to help light up their path to development. At the Trust we firmly believe that “Education Lights the path to development”


The objectives of the Rattansi Trust are

  • To assist in the provision of quality holistic education to Kenyans.
  • To assist in the provision of a well rounded education for Kenyans to become good citizens.
  • To offer bursaries for needy Kenyans at degree level.
  • To assist Kenyans train in courses such as driving and dressmaking if this helps lift up family standards.