Selection of candidates

Vetting of candidates is shared by the institutions through which the bursaries are disbursed and the Rattansi Trust. But The Trust reserves the right to accept or disqualify any candidate. 


How to apply for the Bursary

Application for bursaries is done through the respective institutions. For both continuing and new students, the procedure for application can be obtained from the pertinent institutions. Similar information can be obtained from the Rattansi Educational Trust offices in Nairobi Kenya.

Who gets help from the Trust?

The Trust helps needy students in institutions of higher learning at both Public and Private Universities, Polytechnics, and other institutions of tertiary education. More than 50 institutions benefit from the Rattansi Bursary awards.

Institutions' role in prequalification of candidates

Institutions play a very important role in the vetting of candidates and allocation of bursary. For continuing students, the institutions can provide information on the candidate's need situation. This way, the institutions help the Trust to give priority to the most needy students. In the case of new students, the institution's role in determining real need guides the Trust in giving the bursary.

However, the Trust reserves the right to fund or not.