Shadrack Kinga

Shadrack Kinga was a law student at Catholic University of East Africa (CUEA). Despite being an orphan, Kinga has managed to pursue his dream career with the help of The Rattansi Education Trust.

Kinga applied for admission at the university with no idea of where his fees would come from. This was after failing to get an admission to the public universities, something he had hoped for all his life. His secondary school education at St Christophers Kitale had been made possible by bursaries from the church and various sources.  

When he got an admission letter to Catholic University, Kinga was advised to apply for funds from the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB)but even with a full loan, his fees problems were far from over. He approached Rattansi Educational Trust who pledged to pay KSh30,000 every semester.

“The Trust has been a big help to me. There was a time I was about to miss my exams because of fees and the Rattansi came to my rescue,” says he.

Kinga worked in the school library for two hours each day after classes and the earnings, a paltry Sh 100 per day, assisted him to cater for housing and food as he resided outside the campus.

“At times I would go without food but the fact that I am in school and that at the end of it I’ll become a lawyer and be able to assist the poor comforts me,” he says.

His two sisters who are in Secondary school also rely on bursaries. Kinga and his two sisters live with their cousin in Eldoret. His mother who died when he was four had left them under the care of a relative who later passed away in 2000.